Pages from the SDK-201 Course:

  • Course Start Page
    This is where the course begins.

  • Touches View Geometry Page
    This page describes how view and layer geometry works for the Touches tab. This is worth studying to understand how the bounds and position properties affect the appearance of a layer or view.

    You may also download a pdf of the same slides:

    Download PlayGroundTouches PDF

  • Memory Management Tips
    This page presents a simple summary of tips for memory management. It isn't a substitute for a thorough understanding, but it can help guide your learning about memory management topics.

Useful Documents from Apple:

Other software that may be of interest to you:

  • GIMP on OS X
    GIMP is a free "Graphic Image Manipulation System" that is roughly equivalent to PhotoShop. In fact, PhotoShop is still superior to GIMP and is arguably easier to use as well.

  • Grab
    You'll find Grab in the Applications-->Utilities folder. Grab allows you to, among other things, select an area of your screen and save it as a new image. It saves images in TIFF format, but you can convert images to other formats using the Preview application (see below).

  • Preview
    You'll find Preview in the Applications folder. Preview allows you to see images in any format (png, jpg, gif, tiff, etc.) and it allows you to save an image in any of the formats it can view. So, you can use it to convert a png image to a jpg, or a tiff to a png, etc.