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Course Outline

Modules vary from 15 to 25 minutes.
Module 1: Becoming an iPhone Developer
  • Become a registered iPhone Developer
  • Download and Install the SDK
  • What's in the SDK
  • Documents and Resources
  • About Example Programs
  • Download and Build and Example Program

Module 2: Introduction to XCode and IB
  • Download and build iWriteApps
  • Introduction to XCode
  • Looking up APIs from XCode
  • Introduction to Interface Builder

Module 3: Introduction to Objective-C
  • Header Files
  • Classes, Objects, Properties and Methods
  • Source Files
  • Method Definition Walkthrough
  • Delegation
  • Exercise: Edit Business Card Data

Module 4: Interface Builder
  • Overview
  • Connections, Outlets and Actions
  • Application Delegate
  • Exercise: Modify UI Element Attributes
  • Exercise: Making a Custom View

Module 5: Development on a Device
  • Join the iPhone Developer Program
  • About Certificates
  • Prepare for the Certificate Process
  • Create your Development CSR
  • Download, Install, Verify and Export Development Certificate
  • Create Your App ID
  • Create Development Provisioning Profile
  • Prepare and Run a Project on a Device
  • Troubleshooting Installation Problems

Module 6: Distribution via the App Store
  • Distribution Overview
  • Create and Install Distribution Certificate
  • Create and Install Distribution Provisioning Profile
  • Prepare to Build for the App Store
  • Build and Check App
  • Prepare for Distribution
  • Input Data for Distribution
  • Upload your App, Icon and Screenshots
  • Complete and Submit your Application
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