Installing Applications
with Ad Hoc Distribution

This page will show you how to install an application you've received via
Ad Hoc distribution.

Please Note:
You should only follow these instructions if you know and trust the person who sent you the application. While you have some assurance that applications distributed via Apple's App Store have been tested by Apple and are safe, you have no such assurance about apps distributed via Ad-Hoc distribution.

Don't take apps from strangers.

Once you have receive an email with a .zip file for an iPhone or iPod Touch application, follow these instructions:

  1. Plug your iPhone or iPod touch into your computer, as you normally do.

  2. Find the email from Timefold with the .zip attachment for your beta test application.

  3. Create a new folder somewhere where you can save the attachment.

  4. Save the attachment to the new folder you created.

  5. Double-click the .zip file in that folder. It will extract two items:
    A file ending in .mobilprovision and an application bundle

  6. Drag the file ending in .mobileprovision onto the iTunes icon in your dock.

  7. Drag the application bundle onto the iTunes icon in your dock.

  8. Confirm that the application is installed in iTunes by clicking the word "Applications" in the left pane (probably right below Podcasts).

  9. Sync your iPhone or iPod Touch to install both the certificate and the application.

  10. Confirm that the application has been installed on your device by going to the device's home page and looking for the application. If you don't see it, swipe the screen to look at the next screenful of icons. It will probably have been added to the last screen.

  11. Run the application by tapping its icon. If the application runs, you are ready to begin using it.