Ad Hoc Distribtution

Make sure:

  • You have tested your default configuration on your device
  • You have set forceReloadOfDefaultData to NO
  • You must already have created and installed a
    Distribution Certificate
If you haven't created your Distribution Certificate you will have to do that first. You can either review SDK-101 or you can read the documentation on the iPhone Developer Program web site at:

You will need to know the identifier for every device to which you want to distribute your application. However, you can add more devices to the list whenever you want, up to the limit of 100 devices. Any time you add one or more devices, you'll have to:

  • Create and install a new Ad Hoc Distribution Profile
  • Rebuild the application
  • Create a new .zip file for people to use for installing your app
We'll cover all these steps and more in this Module.

You can invite people to send you their device identifiers now, if you wish. Point them to this URL:

This page can be found at: