Free 3-D Photo Album Viewer

PSPViewer is a free iPhone and iPod Touch app that lets you view 3-D Photo Albums created with PhotoSphere.

This remarkable app allows you to view 3-D photo albums created by PhotoSphere that have been shared via Google's Picasa Web Album service.

The only difference between PSPViewer and PhotoSphere is that you cannot create new PhotoSpheres or add photos to an existing PhotoSphere with PSPViewer.

You can also share PhotoSpheres on a web page using our free Flash-based sphere viewer.

Typical applications for PSPViewer include:

  • 3-D photo albums of objects for sale via online classified or auction sites
  • An interactive alternative to stitched-together panoramic scenes
  • 3-D photo albums of art projects or museum exhibits
  • 3-D photo albums of rooms or homes, for real estate agents
  • 3-D photo of album of an accident scene, or of damage to real property
  • 3-D photo album of a part or tool for when you go to get a replacement

Key features include:

  • Save photos to photo album
  • Save sphere to Google's Picasa Web Albums
  • Load sphere to Google's Picasa Web Albums
  • You can specify a name and description for each PhotoSphere
  • You can specify a name and description for each photo
  • You can move any image on the sphere to different location
  • Delete any image from a PhotoSphere
  • Select which image serves as the icon for a PhotoSphere
  • View a PhotoSphere from any angle
  • Double-tap any image to see a fullscreen version
  • Spin mode rotates the sphere to display your 3-D photo album
  • Gravity mode automatically orients the sphere based on the orientation of the device
  • Scale a PhotoSphere to make room for more images
  • Summary page reports total memory used, etc.
  • Full help system built into the application

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