Timefold iPhone Applications
Beta Test Program

Thanks for considering being a beta tester for a Timefold iPhone or iPod touch application.

A Beta Tester receives a specially prepared version of an app and a special certificate that allows the app to be installed on their device(s).

To be a beta tester you need to collect the following information:

  • Your device's Identifier (40 character string of numbers and letters)
  • The kind of device you have (e.g. iPhone 3G, iPod Touch 2G)
  • The version of software running on your device
Send the above information to:
If you're not sure how to get this information, watch this helpful video:
How to find your device's identifier
Or, you can get and install this simple app on your phone that lets you send your device's info to Timefold:
Ad Hoc Helper

Please note:

There is a limit to the total number of participants in a beta test for an one app. Also, there is a limit to the number of devices of a given type in any one beta test. Once there are enough participants in a beta test with a given kind of device, the beta test will be closed for that kind of device. If we cannot offer you a place in the beta program for this release, then perhaps you would be willing to participate in the beta for the next release?

What do I get for being a beta tester?

The massive, beta test schedule of benefits is almost too large to display on a web page. But, here goes:

  • You get your name on the credits page, thanking you by name for your participation in the beta program (or, your nickname, or you can be anonymous).

  • You get to try out interesting, new software products.

  • You get a free version of the product, if and when it becomes available in the app store.

  • You get the thanks of the friendly folks at Timefold. You will be helping us out and we really appreciate your support.

What should I do as a beta tester?

You can help best if you will actually use the app, as much of it as possible, soon.

Look for problems. Try different things. Try things that should work and things that shouldn't. Make mistakes. Do something clever.

The most important thing is that you try it out soon and spend some time with it. If you can try it out within a day or two of when you install the app, that would be ideal, because the beta test may only last a week in total for a given release of an app.

If you're beta testing a Timefold application, please keep notes about the following:

A crash means that the app simply quits and returns you to the devices home page (the grid of icons where you can select another app to run).

If you experience a crash, please jot down:

  • What page were you on?
  • What button did you just tap, or did you just drag something?
  • What were you trying to accomplish?
  • Approximately how long had you been running the app before it crashed?
  • Can you reproduce the crash with a repeatable sequence of steps?
  • Anything else you think would be useful to know to help diagnose the problem.

If you find yourself confused by any part of the app, it should probably be improved or fixed. Your being confused is an indicator that the app isn't intuitive enough.

If you find yourself confused, please jot down:

  • What page were you on?
  • What did you try to do?
  • What did you expect to happen?
  • What actually did happen?
  • Did the help file (if any) help at all?

Note: If there is a help section in the app,it would be good if you eventually looked at it to determine if it is actually helpful, or has errors. But, it would also be useful to know if the app can be used without frequently referring to the help section.

Do you have any suggestions for ways to make the app better? Please share them!